S O M E T H I N G   O L D
S O M E T H I N G   N E W
S O M E T H I N G   B O R R O W E D
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Welcome to the Rental Space, where guests who share our aesthetics can rent items for their special event with just the right soul, look, patina and story waiting to be told. Over years we have accumulated a curated collection that spans 19th century antiques into modern state of the art equipment. The most cherished and beloved things one owns cannot be purchased. They must first be used, loved and enjoyed with memories made, laughter had and good times spent before they become treasures passed on to the next generation.



The pavilion is located on top of a hill overlooking the pond, meadows, woods, house and gardens. Facing east you'll be able to bookend your day with sunrise yoga soaking up the energy with sun salutations and end with restorative yoga with the sun setting behind you. Whether you're here for a wedding, yoga retreat, a workshop or family and friends gatherings, the 1200sf deck is the perfect fit for unions of all kinds. Wired with 100amp, a built in sound system, customized French cast iron chandeliers, antique planters, vintage bar and dimmable warm colored string lights you'll be to create an intimate environment sheltered from the elements while still being able to connect to nature around you. The pavilion is included in our wedding event packages at no extra cost or can be added to your weekend stay.
Pavilion including chandeliers and built-in sound system: $500



Carefully crafted food is a work of art and deserves a great setting. Set the stage for your event with this beautiful antique collection of fine Wedgwood bone china in the "Patrician" pattern. The intricate foliate molded border of flowers and leaves beautifully frames your culinary creations. You can choose between 5 piece place settings with a dinner plate, salad/dessert plate, bread plate, cup and saucer or rent the entire collection including all serving pieces. Over the past 5 years we scoured every auction and antique market and assembled over 600 items if this unique chinaware that incudes 120 5 piece place settings and various coffee and tea pots, sugar bowls, creamer, serving platters and serving bowls. Match this up with our classic Towle silverware and you're all set. You will be able to enjoy a one of a kind table setting and don't need to worry about any logistics, handling and cleaning is all included.
5 Piece Wedgwood Place Setting:  $4/set
5 Piece Towle Silverware: Dinner fork, knife and spoon, dessert fork and spoon: $3/set
3 Piece Glassware: Wine, Water/Beer and Champagne glasses: $2/set



It took 250 years to grow, a tornado to take it down and a vision to give it new life. With the help of local woodworker we created tables from slabs of a giant maple that once stood on our property. Planted at the same time as the majestic sister tree in front of our house the stories of time are ingrained in its wood. We lost an ancient beauty, but gave birth to a new generation of furniture. Finally both trees are reunited again and our guests can enjoy the synergy of very special tables in the protective shade of its own kind. 14 custom tailored 8'x40" tables started a new chapter in their life, together with up to 120 chairs for your reception or rehearsal dinner and another set of folding chairs for your ceremony they are part of our wedding packages or can be rented individually for your party or retreat. 
Farmhouse Table for 8-10 guests: $90/each
Reception Cross Back Chairs with seat cushion: $6/each

Ceremony Folding Chairs: $3/each



The authentic century old fully restored wooden canoe can be either used to take a boat ride on the pond or repurposed as a picturesque storage place for iced drinks or party favors.  
Fee: $150



An industrial vintage cart on wheels with multiple uses as a portable bar, storing ice and bottles or simply as a very stylish way to transport items back and forth . Both sides of the cart feature an area which can be customized with your name or message in chalk.  
Fee: $100


The 19th century vintage store counter makes a wonderful bar and fits right in between 2 columns in the pavillion. The back is fitted with shelves for storage, dimensions are 113X25: 
Fee: $300



Make the 19th century weathervane of an an angel trumpet good tidings over the site of your event and use it as a beautiful centerpiece in any of your settings with a selection of different slate chalkboards and window panes that can be customized with your personal message and seating chart.
Fee:  $150



Let countless lights mingle with the stars. Our Edison style bulb string lights were custom made with an extra warm glow and fitted to perfectly frame the pavilion. They're dimmable and can be adjusted to your mood and time of the day. In addition you can string together all of our lights endlessly onto the lawn area and into the night. All our individual 15ft long sets come with poles. Please inquire about complimantary set ups.
Stringlights around the pavilion: $200
Additional 15ft strings: $20


Built-in Sound System
Our state of the art  sound system is specifically designed to have best in class sonic characteristics and stunning high fidelity while keeping the sound within the confines of the pavilion. It comes with the pavilion for no extra fee. The system features 4 built in Evid two-way surface-mount loudspeakers under the roof , a Rolls RM 67 Mic/Source Mixer and a Crown Harman XLi Power Amplifier and is ideal to plug in your playlist from phone or laptop.This system is included in your event fee.
Portable Sound System
Our lightweight portable sound system features a 3 channel mixer with Mic, Line & Aux Inputs, a built-in rechargable battery with 8h battery life and connects via Bluetooth to your laptop or phone.
Fee: $150



Celebrate cupid with a set of Love Lawn Games
Archery Set

The set contains a traditional Wooden Longbow, 10 turkey feathered wooden arrows, 2 leather Arm Guards, a Vintage Straw Target with a cast iron Tripod Stand and a set of 3 customized target boards on thick cardboard with the name of the couple imprinted.
Dart Board Set
The set contains 12 Widdy Classic American Style Steel Tip Tournament Darts and a set of 3 customized target boards with the name of the couple imprinted.
Boule | Bocce | Petanque
2 Sets of a Classic 73mm Bocce/Boules Set with 16 polished metal 73mm balls in four different striping patterns
Fee: $150

Props I
Props II