How often do you get together all your favorite people in one place at one time? When are you able to disconnect and take a time-out? Let a dedicated team help you ease into the moment. Take your mind off your to do list and allow yourself to just be. Please inquire about daily cleaning services, babysitting, a personal chef or embark on an inner journey with our one-on-one treatments or team building workshops. We can help you schedule pampering and learning experiences. Windrift Hall collaborates with local licensed massage therapists and Ayurvedic practitioners, yoga teachers, health and personal coaches, beauty and nutrition experts, artists and creatives. Treats range from yoga, soundhealing and meditation, personal coaching, reiki and massages to workshops teaching how to make your own natural skincare products, sculpting and ceramics, nutrition and cooking lessons. 

We’d be happy to create workshops specifically designed for your group either in Windrift Hall or any location of your choice. Make the most of your time together and let us help you clear some space and expand your horizons.


P E R S O N A L   C H E F
Whether you're planning an intimate dinner for your family and friends, a yoga retreat or wedding we'd be happy to connect you to a personal chef or caterer, who will bring fresh farm-to-table delights to your table at Windrift Hall and will be the culinary link to the local bounty and beauty of the Hudson Valley. Please refer to our Wedding page for a list of reommended caterers.
Costs: TBD based on number of guests and requirements

C L E A N I N G   S E R V I C E S
Enjoy your stay and let us help you start your day with a clean slate. Please inquire about individualized cleaning services based on your needs.
Costs: $35h with a minimum of 3h

Relax into the weekend with the knowledge that your children are well taken care of. We’d be happy to connect you to a local babysitter, who will come onsite and help in any setting you need.
Costs: $25h with a minimum of 3h


Being flexible is often more a state of mind than a physical state of being and we hope to help you find that balance in your life. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced student we’ll be happy to support you in your practice. Settle into your new space and allow a gentle yoga class to open a doorway to yourself, connect to each other, drawing attention inwards away from your travels and into your new space. The yoga class is taught in the vinyasa style by a local teacher and can be custom tailored to your needs.
Costs: $25/pp including all yoga equipment or $220 for a group of up to 14 yogis.

B O D Y W O R K  &  M A S S A G E S
Stretch and soothe your body with a restorative Thai Treatment or indulge into a traditional Deep Tissue or Swedish massage to relax and restore bliss. All our therapists are certified in a wide variety of treatments, so we can craft your massage specifically to your needs.
Costs: $120/person for 60min | $150/person for 90min

P R O D U C T  M A K I N G - 2 hours
Learn to create your individual cleansing mask, exfoliator, toner, facial cream, body lotion, room spray or scented candle, using all natural ingredients. Create a signature scent for your group using aromatherapy and take home your very own custom blend of tailored products, bottling up the fun and love, which went into making it.
Costs: $40/pp for creating 3 products for your personalized travel kit.

C E R A M I C S - 2 hours
Find your inner balance in a grounding ceramic workshop by learning to center yourself through the element of Earth. Experience the healing energy of working with clay and shape your artistic aspirations under the expert guidance of ceramic artist Jean Louis Frenk. Create a lasting favor by firing your memories into a a sculpture or bowl, which will always remind you of a special time and your experience at Windrift Hall.
Costs: $40/pp • Glazing firing TBD

I N T O  T H E  W I L D
Laura Silverman, Founding Naturalist at The Outside Institute, customizes group experiences in nature and events that incorporate wild flavors. Contact her to learn more about forest bathing, foraging walks and botanical mixology. Bookings are limited, so please get in touch with plenty of advance notice.
Costs: Starting at $50/pp for a minimum of 10 people.
Please note all group experiences require a minimum of 5 and maximum of 10 guests. 
Additional participants are welcomed and charged on an individial basis.

All prices include travel of the practitioner to your onsite appointment, but not gratuity.

KATIE ROSENTHAL began her studies of Herbal Medicine, Yoga, Ayurveda, Energy Healing and Touch Therapy because of her belief that the body-mind-spirit has the capacity to heal itself. Katie was trained in Prana Yoga by Dr Jeff Migdow and Priti Robyn Ross, and in Vinyasa Yoga by Ella Luckett; in Ayurveda by Dr Naina Marballi, BAMS; and in Reiki (Levels I & II) by Darcy Skye Holoweski. She’s a NJ and NY licensed massage therapist and practice her healing

SUSANNE FRENK The moment Susanne stepped onto a yoga mat she knew she found a way of opening up her body and quieting her mind. Working for most of her life in a fast paced creative environment she realized the importance of being in charge and being able to let go, knowing when to engage and how to release. Yoga became a perfect antidote to the pressure of a corporate world and took her on a spiritual path. Living in harmony with the laws of nature became a life long learning experience and passion of hers. Being open and flexible is often more a state of mind than a physical state of being and she hopes to help others to find that balance in their lives. Susanne is a certified Hatha/Vinyasa Yoga teacher, horticulturist and Ayurveda Holistic Nutritionist. She’s the Founder of BALANCE, an All Natural Skin- and Selfcare product line, teaching workshops in Herbal Remedies and how to create your own skincare products balanced in Nature.

LAURA SILVERMAN is the Founding Naturalist of The Outside Institute. The desire to share her passion for the natural world inspired this venture, which helps people connect to the healing and transformative powers of nature through guided hikes, mindful walks and plant-based workshops. Also a writer, chef and mixologist, Laura infuses her knowledge of local flora, fauna and fungi into everything she creates, from botanical cocktails to herbal tinctures to wild foods feasts.

MARY CHAN began her journey of health and healing when she stepped foot in her first yoga class in 1994. She received her Yoga Teacher Certifications from Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center  and Jivamukti Yoga Center in the late 90’s. Deeply rooted in the vinyasa tradition, Mary has been practicing and teaching yoga to students from all walks of life for the last 20 years. As a wife and mother, Mary discovered the joy of cooking and nourishing her family with nutritious foods. She studied at Institute of Integrative Nutrition and became certified as a Holistic Health Coach. Having experienced how food can be used as a catalyst for transformation, she is deeply committed to empowering her clients to improve their health and heal through nutrition and lifestyle changes. Her passion is to make home-cooking healthy, delicious and accessible to all.  She offers one-on-one counseling, group cleanse programs, corporate seminars and cooking workshops.

ALLEGRA STEIN is a master Life Coach in New York’s Hudson Valley, Allegra is committed to showing people that all of the wisdom, creativity, confidence, motivation, and well-being they’re looking for is already within them and that it’s only our everyday thought-chatter that gets in the way. From that centered place she loves to support her clients in uncovering bold ideas and taking action towards those things they most want to create. Her clients include entrepreneurs, business owners, designers, adventurers, mothers, and creative women on the cusp of powerful growth and change. Allegra creates the space for these shifts to happen, whether during a 15 minute conversation or a weekend retreat.

JEAN LOUIS FRENK is a multi media artist, sculptor and trained potter. His work spans several decades of multifaceted integrated art forms, exploring boundaries between art disciplines and always looking for new forms of expression. He has been teaching art and ceramics in public and private institutions ranging from kindergarden to college level. His spiritual approach to ceramics is expressed in his work and he's happy to connect his students through the medium of clay with the elements of earth, fire, air, space and water.